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Lollipop Music Store

A deux pas du cours Julien, Lollipop est un shop pas comme les autres à mi-chemin entre disquaire, espace d’exposition, mini-salle de concert et convivialité d’un café. Ouvert en 2006 par deux passionnés de musique indie, Lollipop propose une sélection de vinyls & Cds classé par genre (New wave, Krautrock, Surf, Garage rock, Folk, Punk, Electro…) offrant aussi bien des occasions que les dernières signatures des labels actuels. Lollipop, c’est aussi un label qui supporte les projets indépendants et organise régulièrement des Apéros décalés ou des concerts. Au hasard de notre pérégrination dans leurs bacs, quelques rarities cosmiques, un projet oublié de David Sylvian mais aussi des galettes signé Born Bad ou une compilation de Northern Soul, bref, une vraie boutique de connaisseurs mais  avec une sélection assez large pour satisfaire un public au goût éclectique et pointu. Ajoutez-y une sélection d’ouvrages sur les mouvements musicaux et les artistes underground, des DVDs trié sur le volet et des portants de t-shirts et de vêtements et vous aurez une idée à peu près exacte du lieu. Outre son activité commerciale, Lollipop organise aussi bien des showcases que des expositions temporaires. Pour vous donner un exemple, le mois prochain un DJ japonais va proposer une dégustation de mets sucrés et salé accompagné d’une sélection musicale inédite,  puis ce sera le live du duo Jesus is my girlfriend « aux compositions sombres, romantiques et minimales » indique le flyer , bref, vous l’aurez compris, Lollipop est un lieu où la musique vit pas seulement à travers la vente de disques mais aussi par la rencontre et le happening. Cela vaut une visite virtuelle ou réelle si vous êtes de passage à Marseille.

Horaires: Lundi 14h-19h/Mardi-mercredi 11h-19h-Jeudi/Sam 11h-20h

Adresse: 2 Bd Théodore Turner

13006 Marseille

Bacs Lollipop

Marseille is rocking part V

Lollipop Music store

Nearby the legendary hang out Cours Julien, Lollipop is an unusual shop somewhere in between a record-shop, an exhibition space, a concert venue and a coffee shop. Opened in 2006 by two indie amateurs, Lollipop offers a great selection of vynils& cds classified in different genres. (New wave, surf music, Krautrock, Folk, Punk or electro) , you can find second hand but also the last signatures of current record label. When lookig trough their shelves, we found a few cosmic rarities, a forgotten David Sylvian project along with John Hassel, but also french rock r a nothern soul compilation. In a few words, a real shop for connoisseurs but with an eclectic tastes. Moreover, you can find a  serie of books about underground music, some Dvds and a selection of t-shirts  and clothing which gives you a rather precise vision of the place.

Beyond its commercial activity, Lollipop is organizing showcases and temporary exhibition. The following month a japanes Dj is programmed offering not only japanese food but an exotic selection of music. The week after, an indie band Jesus is my girlfriend will offer its dark, romantic and minimalistic vision of music, well, let’s say that Lollipo is a place where you share music many different ways. Worth a visit, be it virtual or real.


Opening hours: Monday 14h-19h/Tuesday-wednesday 11h-19h-Thursday/Sat 11h-20h

Adress: 2 Bd Théodore Turner

13006 Marseille (nearby Cours Lieutaud) Metro station Cours Julien



Label Portrait Kill the Dj (english text)


Booking agency, record labels….Kill the Dj is also about going beyond the borders of electronic music, great underground artists, popular parties for sure  but also a vision and an attitude, questions and answers with  Fan & Chicks


1/ How do you start a record label in France ?

Oh la la !  First you start a record label to have a cool project with your mates, then to release tracks from thrilling artists  that are your mates, to work on their development, to be independent, to have a tool- to express yourself and to be able to defend these artists, to be free, things like that !

2/ How do you pick up a name for a record label, who are the founders of KTDJ, did other people join the team later on ?

The name we chose at 6 in the morning, after a long sweaty night !, the founders : Stéphanie Fichard / Fany Corral + Ivan Smagghe + Chloé . 3 and half Dykes who have swept their shoes on the Pulp Club dancefloor, those who joined later were artists that we met on the way….

3/ Who were your first signatures and why?

Our first signature was a co-signature with record label Tigersushi, we made two compilations, one was mixed by Ivan Smagghe and the second one by Optimo.

Ivan  was an obvious fact, he was our parties’s resident at the Pulp club and we‘ve always trusted him ; same for Chloé or even Jennifer who is part of the gang…Optimo was more of an encounter, we booked him on one of our nights in 2003 and felt close immediately, we made up our mind for the compilation in 2 seconds and we just did dit !

4/ Did you ever think that your work waseducational ?

Why not

5/ Regenerating ?

We’ve never been really organic…

6/-Corrupting ?

We hope so !!

7/-Ambivalent ?

Sexually for sure !

8/-Useful ?

Certainly not !

5/ An artist you would have liked to sign ?

Scott Walker –as Scott Walker 4

6/ Current projects?

Loads !

Battant’s next album due to come out next September

George Issakidis’s album ( will come out someday…)

oliver ho (raudive) first rock project « the eyes in the heat »

Kill the Dj tenth birthday anniversary next year…

Many other things and never have enough time..

7/ How would you define the labels directions, if any, and here Im not talking about sexual definitions.. 

We try not to have directions, to remain as open as possible…

Let’s say we have an inclination for dark and romantic things, shaky, rickety stuff…we love people who are undisciplined, those who refuse the establishment in their behaviour (be it artistic, political, social or…sexual), and more generally the kind of tune one can’t remember

8/ The record you like best ?

The one that will come out tomorrow..

9/The record you will never sign ?

The one that will sell more than 50 000 copies

10 / Why doing all this knowing the the music business current situation ?

Because we don’t want to stop, because it’s worth it, and because knowing the ‘situation’ we shouldn’t shut the f… up… !