Rideau de Fer-record shop & distributor Paris


Hidden in a small street in the Montmatre district, The Rideau de Fer (The Iron Curtain) is a most unusual record shop with a great vynil section, going  from jazz, up to soul, blues, psychedelic and indie rock plus a good selection of soundtracks, rare world music and some reissues. No sectarianism in this shop which should please demanding music lovers. Mainly second hand, The Rideau de Fer also offers brand new records working as a distributor for a few underground french record label such as Born Bad Records, Beast Records (Indie rock) but also Heavenly sweetness specialized in Ethiopian music and jazz rarities and reissues. Having a look at the shelves, I find a Gino Soccio album for 8 euros in good condition plus a couple of  rare 70’s folk albums for a very affordable price. Like in almost all record shops, you just need to spend some time  in order  to find an interesting item. However, from Hawaian music to a rare soundtrack from a spaghetti western, you’ll probably find something interesting in this little shop. On the other side, comics and t-shirts for aficionados.


Le Rideau de Fer

12, rue André del Sarthe

75018 Paris

Opening hours : Tuesday to saturday

12H30 am-7pm

Phone: 01 42 55 66 40