FoxDen, a new Vintage shop in Montmartre District


Hidden in a little street nearby the famous Marché St Pierre, Foxden is a new vintage shop whose little sister, By Flowers is situated a few blocks away rue des Martyrs. We’re talking here about genuine rags, and pure vintage clothing with a mixed selection for men and women. Foxden is something of a rag bag where one can find almost any kind of items, with all sorts of jackets (suede, leather, cotton) coats, sweaters but also shoes and accessories. From an 80’s glitter dress up to a pair of high heel boots or fair isle jumpers. It is necessary to rummage through the shelves in order to find interesting goods. On the day of our visit, an elegant sailor jacket, red leather boots…it is necessary to visit the shop regularly since they make a weekly restocking and get a lot of new pieces, be it bags, shoes or even scarves. Prices are very affordable and one can find real bargains at this shop whose sign is nothing else but a stuffed Fox, worth a visit….




5, rue Pierre Picard

75018 Paris


Jumbo Shop-Berlin

window dressing


Jumbo Second hand store/Kreuzberg

A l’angle de Wiener strasse, ce shop tenu par une sympathique famille turque enchantera les collectionneurs de tout poils qui pourront y chiner des dizaines de paires de chaussures Vintage, des escarpins multicolores en passant par les bottes dans toutes les formes et de toutes les matières-platform boots comprises!, il y a en a pour tous les goûts dans ce shop…mais la raison majeure de s’y rendre ce sont  les prix-tout à fait raisonnables, entre 15 et 40 euros pour les chaussures, et une grande variété dans la sélection –last but not least  un choix d’accordéon pour ceux qui souhaiterait s’initier à cet instrument très Vintage !.

Jumbo –Angle Lansitzer et Wiener str. Kreuzberg/Berlin /Germany

An interesting shop for Vintage shoes amateurs situated in Kreuzberg at the angle of Wienerstrasse, this shop offers an amazing collection of boots and High heels shoes including Platform boots. The prices are as attractive as the shopwindow, between 15 and 40 euros, depending on the pairs. Add a great variety of choice and a selection of accordeons for those who want to try this Vintage instrument, It’s worth a visit….

Jumbo-Lansitzer/Wiener Str. Kreuzberg/Berlin/Germany.