Heartbeat, at the Heart of Bastille District


Image Situated near all the record shops of the Bastille district, Heartbeat maybe a newcomer in the neighbourhood but it is an old school record shop. Don’t expect to find here the latest releases of electro labels, rather the selection of a passionate. If you push the door, the there will sure be a warm welcome from Melik, which will encourage you to dig into the record racks. The selection is wide: soul, jazz, hip hop, film soundtracks, disco, and a bit of electro or new wave. On our first visit on record day, there is a big discussion about sampling with a Hip Hop Dj who is visiting the shop.  I immediately go to the decks with a selection of disco ep’s-although the section dedicated to italo and space disco is really scarce, still, I find a few affordable disco ep’s including a great dub from Blondie’s Heart of glass and a few other rarities. I hesitate in buying Jezebel spirit a rather expensive ep from David Byrne and Brian Eno’s « My Life in the Bush of ghosts », I come back after a week of hesitation and buy the record. Melik, the shop owner is on his way to Belgium to attend a record convention and visit some private collection. Well, he recognizes me and I come back home with a gift, a strange track on a Lord of the New Church ep, something that sounds like an old Clash record that would suit perfectly on an Andrew Weatherall set. Heartbeat is definitely full of surprises…


26 rue Godefroy Cavaignac

75011 Paris

Tube: Charonne L9

+33 951 65 92 08


website under construction: http://www.heartbeatvinyl.com



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